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About JolieVie

Crafting Exceptional Wellness Experiences

Discover a serene space where relaxation, health, and wellness converge.

Our Story

Born from the vision of our founder, Sylvie, an entrepreneur with a passion for wellness, Jolie Vie Wellness Retreat is a cherished space in our hometown of Grand Falls. Recognizing the need for a community-focused wellness centre, Sylvie set out to create a sanctuary where individuals and families can relax, learn self-care, and embark on their journeys to holistic well-being. Today, Jolie Vie stands as a testament to that vision, fostering wellness journeys for our cherished community.


Our Mission

At Jolie Vie, our mission is to inspire personal growth and foster well-being by providing a transformative and holistic experience. Through our rejuvenating wellness services and inclusive approach, we are committed to empowering all individuals to care for themselves and rediscover their inner source. Join us in building connections, embracing wellness, and creating a haven for self-discovery and community engagement.

Our Approach

At Jolie Vie, our approach is rooted in holistic wellness and community building. We believe that every individual's wellness journey is unique and strive to meet our guests where they are, providing a range of services to cater to diverse needs. Central to our practice is the power of community; we offer workshops and classes aimed at not just individual growth, but collective evolution. Our aim is to equip every guest, adults and children alike, with the tools to navigate their world with increased understanding and wellbeing.


Our Team

Our Facilities

Take a glimpse into the serene and nurturing spaces of Jolie Vie, where every corner has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your wellness journey.


Spa Therapist


Spa Therapist


Spa Therapist


Spa Therapist


At Jolie Vie, our wellness journey extends to our shared environment. Though we're just starting, we're making mindful decisions to promote sustainability. From resource management to product selection, every step we take is guided by respect for our planet. While we celebrate our progress, we're committed to exploring more sustainable practices as we grow. Discover how we're balancing the needs of today with the promise of a healthier, sustainable future.

What Others Have to Say...

“As I walked through the doors at Jolie Vie, I felt the vibe to be serene, relaxing and peaceful.  The staff was welcoming, knowledgeable and very professional.  The hydrotherapy experience was just what I needed to relax and unwind.  Love that we have such a beautiful place right here in our home town!”

- Carole Durepos, Grand Falls, NB

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